largelogoChildren are our most precious gift and our biggest investment for our own personal future, the future of healthcare and the future of our planet. It is our job as parents and educators to bring the facts to our communities. Many of us take precautions on what type of fuel we are putting into our cars to make sure they run properly and efficiently, but, what about our own body or our children’s bodies? If we choose to pollute and put harmful contaminates into our own body that is a choice as adults we make, but children rely and trust us to feed and take care of them properly. For the most part children do not have a choice when it comes to purchasing their own food but they can be educated, in a fun way, on how to make healthy choices and why it is so important. In fact children have an innate eagerness to learn how to better improve themselves, especially in the area of their health and that of the planet. Remember to involve the whole family in this process. Chances are your school-aged children will have been already exposed to health and environmental information, while their affinity to nature will make them stewards of the earth.

With the growing concern of environmental destruction, the dramatic rise of childhood obesity and other health related issues; Eco-Earth Enrichment believes that these epidemics are a reflection of one another and that new educational avenues will bring about change.

Eco-Earth Enrichment has established an on-line program that will encompass resourceful methods for all students to understand how health is related to choices and the planets resources.

Eco- Earth Enrichments S.H.A.R.E © Program:

S.  Science

H. Health

A. Activities/Exercise

R. Respect

E. Environment

Students employ technology thoughtfully to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use. They tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently, and they integrate what they learn using technology with what they learn offline. They are familiar with the strengths and limitations of various technological tools and mediums and can select and use those best suited to their communication goals all which are part of the new common core testing; SBAC


iQity e- Learning Platform – https://marketplace.iq-ity.com/

For more info please contact Lisa Linn or iQity


 Lisa Linn

unnamedHistory of company: Eco-Earth Enrichment began its roots in Central America during the early nineties. Children with little education and money spent most of their time eating junk food and watching television at the local market. These children then began informal workshops with Eco-Earth Enrichment’s founder, Lisa Linn. They were taught the importance of eating the local fruit and vegetables as well as how their body is similar to that of the earth. They were also taught the importance of exercise and keeping their mind and body fit. The children were more than excited about this knowledge that was brought to them.Next was bringing these informal yet fun workshops into South America. Here Lisa worked with the local and more educated children. Again the program was a success in engaging the children’s amazement of how their body works with the environment and the simple techniques of how to take care of it. After returning to the United States, Lisa began to see the epidemic that was about to hit home with children’s disengagement of themselves and the earth. It was then Lisa realized this growing concern needed to be addressed within the community. Eco-Earth Enrichment’s The S.H.A.R.E. Program is now being offered to all students through a virtual curriculum.

Lisa is a consultant for the Radiance Wellness Institute http://www.radiancewellnessinstitute.org/ and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Chumash Indian Museum out of Thousand Oaks, California, an Archeological Zone and Educational Facility. www.chumashindianmuseum.com